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About us

Cutting-edge approaches

We are one step ahead, always interested in “what comes next.”

Inquisitive research

We are eager for discovery since curiosity never killed the researcher.

Alternative solutions

We are an interdisciplinary team designed to act proactively.



Cristiana Vaideanu, Head of Insights Ursus Breweries

Ursus Breweries has developed an Online Research Community along with WaveTreeZero and Exact Business Solutions. As our research partners in running this strategic project, WaveTreeZero and Exact Business Solutions have put together their passion, expertise and professionalism in order to help us effectively integrate this research instrument into our business decisional process. Our expectations towards this project were exceeded and, as a resul, the project was extended beyond our first agreement. We have come to think of this project as a a ”living” instrument for consumer understanding and insights generation. Therefore we strongly recommend the joint venture between Exact and WaveTreeZero as a trustful long term partner and consultant for innovative market research solutions.

Florin Ciobica, Managing Director, SC AG Radio Holding

WaveTreeZero and Exact Business Solutions are our partners since July 2016, running an online research community with radio listeners for KissFM. The collaboration proved to be a fruitful one, managing to bring the project into the interest area of many of our departments. We highly recommend this joint venture as a long term research partner for their professionalism and involvement in finding the best solutions for the client business needs.


Monica Marinescu

Managing Director

Monica is very passionate about leading edge research methodologies.
She has more than 10 years experience in market research and more than 6 years manging online research (MROC, online FGs, etc.). With Wave she established the first online research hub in Romania.
As the owner/director, her mission is to challenge the traditional qual & quant research methodologies in order to solve present day business issues.

Andreea Nedelcu

Andreea Nedelcu - Business Development Manager & Senior Quantitative Researcher

Fiery spirit with 12+ years experience in market research (qualitative & quantitative, online & offline methodologies) and consultancy, managing all types of strategic research studies both on the agency, and on the client side. Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Communication and Research Techniques, University of Leicester, SNSPA, University of Bucharest. Providing guidance and support in contextualizing the research findings from a business perspective. Having a broad knowledge across industries (telecom, FMCG etc.) and targets.

Ana-Maria Despoiu

Online/Offline Research Professional

Having a background in Anthropology, Ana turned to the exploration of online communities more than 3 years ago and is committed to engaging with participants and hunting insights ever since


Exculsive collaborators

Visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania

Advanced skills in traditional and digital media such as drawing, painting and also Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.
He/she is in charge with our outputs design, with the mission to transform the research insights and data into visual art.

Business Consultant

With an extensive experience in both a research agency and inside a marketing department from large companies, our business consultant will help with generating actionable insights for our clients.
He/she is in charge of bridging the gap between research insights and implementation into business goals.

Qualitative Moderator - 10 years of experience in qualitative insight generation

Quantitative Researcher - 10 years of experience with quantitative research projects


Bucharest, Ro

+40 753 322 139